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Governor Roy Cooper,
Secretary Kody Kinsley 
Secretary Gaskin 

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The Creative Academy is a place where:


Children are valued for their unique abilities, imagination, ability to learn through play and determination to accomplish goals.


Families are valued for their love and commitment, culture and traditions, opinions and ideas, and dreams for their child.


Teachers are valued for their knowledge and skills, patience, willingness to collaborate, and their overall love and dedication for children.


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You couldn't ask for a more safe, secure environment filled with staff that genuinely care about your children.    -Laura Price, parent


Our experienced teachers have a wealth of knowledge and education to better foster your child's development.  Their teaching education requirements are held at the highest standards for early childhood.  Please refer to the individual classroom pages for each teacher's qualifications.


Our small class sizes allow for teachers to individualize instruction for each child's strengths and needs in the classroom.       


 Nurturing Environment 

Our teachers provide a nurturing learning environment by using daily interactions to introduce concepts while modeling appropriate behaviors and using positive disciplining strategies in the classroom.  This fosters children's sense of confidence and allows them to problem-solve and make appropriate choices.


Parent Communication

Teachers conduct 2 parent teacher conferences per year as well as using daily communication and the Child Specifics Notebook to relay information pertaining to each child's development and progress

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