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Pre-K Classroom

Contact phone: 919-580-0610 ext 6 or 919-587-9429

 The Pre-K classroom serves children ages 3 1/2-5 years of age.   The classroom is designed to prepare children for success in Kindergarten.  Through GUIDED PLAY this classroom provides opportunities to enhance growth in all developmental areas.  It provides activities for children to enhance development in the areas of pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math concepts.  The classroom is designed to enhance social/emotional skill development including self-regulation, cooperative play and forming positive relationships.  The SECOND STEP program is implemented in the classroom to allow children to enhance peer related communication skills and problem solving skills.  The classroom provides many opportunities for language and communication development through activities such as guided groups, small group reading, and songs. Teachers follow the NC FOUNDATIONS FOR EARLY LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT and CREATIVE CURRICULUM FOR PRESCHOOLERS to prepare group and individual activities to foster each child's emerging skills.  Teachers also individualize education for each child by creating a Child Specific Goal Plan that is developed by parent suggestions and teacher observation.  Developmental assessments are conducted throughout the year to determine each child's strengths and needs and to plan activities to increase skill development in those areas. Through the developmentally appropriate and challenging skill building opportunities provided in this classroom, each child is fully prepared for future success in kindergarten.

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