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Toddler Classroom

Contact phone: 919-580-0610 ext 4 or 919-429-4224

The classroom is set up for children ages 1 -2 1/2 years of age to be able to explore and manipulate their environment independently.  As part of the NC FOUNDATIONS FOR EARLY LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT and CREATIVE CURRICULUM FOR INFANTS, TODDLERS AND TWOS, lessons are planned around the children's interests, individual needs and emerging skills.  Teachers complete ongoing developmental assessments to monitor individual growth and provide appropriate activities for skill development.  Through group and individualized activities, added materials and teacher support, the children are expanding their knowledge base as well as their motor skill development.  They are also increasing their communication skill development through group language building activities, music and movement activities as well as individual and group reading times.  Forming positive relationships and appropriate social behaviors is key in this age group.  Through positive and nurturing interactions between adults and children, Creative Academy has created a warm and inviting environment for learning and growing.

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